Introducing our Pricing page (discount on usability evaluations for January!)

In response to several inquiries at the IAAPA Attractions Expo and in more recent conversations, we have introduced our new Pricing page, which lists our pricing for user experience design projects, usability evaluations, and accessibility evaluations.  Its information is current for the month of January 2015, and we will keep it up to date.

We recently ran some remote, unmoderated usability tests on our new Pricing page.  One of the advantages of this kind of testing is that it leaves us designers out of it, so testers don’t feel like they’re offending us if the feedback is negative.

We did identify a couple of small changes to make.  But, by and large, the testers loved it!  Here are some of their comments:

“I like the different colors… the greenish bluish and the orange… The website looks nice, very clean, [and] simple.”
—A user from the UK.

“I think it’s very, very professional. … I like it a lot.   The colors are amazing. … When I scroll down through the page, I don’t get bored, because each section has its unique design. 

“What stood out to me: its simplicity, its user-friendliness (I found it very user-friendly), its colors (very clear), very simple to understand. I would love to use it, actually.  It’s not boring at all, creative, vivid, has vivid colors.  There was nothing that I didn’t like about this website.  Overall, I see it as an excellent website, very good.  I liked the experience a lot, and I would definitely use it if I needed a designer.
—A user from the US.

UX design project pricing

We currently price our user experience design projects either per hour or per iteration.  Since we work primarily from the Washington, D.C., area, our hourly rates are in line with those of other user experience designers in that area.  Our current hourly rate for design services and other work related to these projects is U.S. $75 per hour. Iteration length and pricing is determined during a project’s exploratory phase, but iterations for us generally run several weeks.

Usability evaluations and accessibility evaluations

We sell our usability evaluations for websites, apps, and software, and accessibility evaluations for websites as fixed-price products. Currently, there are ten preset offerings, ranging from U.S. $477 (for a basic usability evaluation of your site only) to U.S. $5187. Add-ons for determining the ideal navigation for large websites and evaluations with other custom options are also available.

The prices for each evaluation are all-inclusive, based on our hourly rate, an hours estimate, and materials costs. In the higher-priced evaluations, we hire users like the users of your site to test the site for us and/or to help you understand more about your users from a personal and a technical point of view, in order to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Next on our site

We’re working diligently on order forms for each of our design and evaluation options.  While many items on those forms will be optional, filling them out will help our free project consultations to be even more profitable for your business.

We practice what we preach regarding testing with users.  We run tests of our website almost every month. Several days ago, we ran some tests of our new Pricing page, which were very well-received!  We’re in the midst of tuning up other areas of our website.

Sale on evaluations for January

Until January 31, our usability and accessibility evaluations are locked in at their current prices, based on the hourly rate we used for most of 2014.  On February 1, the prices will go up to reflect our current hourly rates.

To lock in the lower rates, contact us to order an evaluation by the end of January!