Introducing our Pricing page (discount on usability evaluations for January!)

In response to several inquiries at the IAAPA Attractions Expo and in more recent conversations, we have introduced our new Pricing page, which lists our pricing for user experience design projects, usability evaluations, and accessibility evaluations.  Its information is current for the month of January 2015, and we will keep it up to date.

We recently ran some remote, unmoderated usability tests on our new Pricing page.  One of the advantages of this kind of testing is that it leaves us designers out of it, so testers don’t feel like they’re offending us if the feedback is negative.

We did identify a couple of small changes to make.  But, by and large, the testers loved it!  Here are some of their comments:

“I like the different colors… the greenish bluish and the orange… The website looks nice, very clean, [and] simple.”
—A user from the UK.

“I think it’s very, very professional. … I like it a lot.   The colors are amazing. … When I scroll down through the page, I don’t get bored, because each section has its unique design. 

“What stood out to me: its simplicity, its user-friendliness (I found it very user-friendly), its colors (very clear), very simple to understand. I would love to use it, actually.  It’s not boring at all, creative, vivid, has vivid colors.  There was nothing that I didn’t like about this website.  Overall, I see it as an excellent website, very good.  I liked the experience a lot, and I would definitely use it if I needed a designer.
—A user from the US.

UX design project pricing

We currently price our user experience design projects either per hour or per iteration.  Since we work primarily from the Washington, D.C., area, our hourly rates are in line with those of other user experience designers in that area.  Our current hourly rate for design services and other work related to these projects is U.S. $75 per hour. Iteration length and pricing is determined during a project’s exploratory phase, but iterations for us generally run several weeks.

Usability evaluations and accessibility evaluations

We sell our usability evaluations for websites, apps, and software, and accessibility evaluations for websites as fixed-price products. Currently, there are ten preset offerings, ranging from U.S. $477 (for a basic usability evaluation of your site only) to U.S. $5187. Add-ons for determining the ideal navigation for large websites and evaluations with other custom options are also available.

The prices for each evaluation are all-inclusive, based on our hourly rate, an hours estimate, and materials costs. In the higher-priced evaluations, we hire users like the users of your site to test the site for us and/or to help you understand more about your users from a personal and a technical point of view, in order to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Next on our site

We’re working diligently on order forms for each of our design and evaluation options.  While many items on those forms will be optional, filling them out will help our free project consultations to be even more profitable for your business.

We practice what we preach regarding testing with users.  We run tests of our website almost every month. Several days ago, we ran some tests of our new Pricing page, which were very well-received!  We’re in the midst of tuning up other areas of our website.

Sale on evaluations for January

Until January 31, our usability and accessibility evaluations are locked in at their current prices, based on the hourly rate we used for most of 2014.  On February 1, the prices will go up to reflect our current hourly rates.

To lock in the lower rates, contact us to order an evaluation by the end of January!

Logo for Thrill & Create, a digital interaction design consulting company

Thrill & Create rebrand: taking amusement’s thrills to users’ devices

For Immediate Release

Thrill & Create is a user experience design consulting company focusing on digital products for the amusement industry.

Gambrills, MD (September 3, 2014)—Thrill & Create LLC, a user experience design consultancy specializing in designing digital products such as websites and user interfaces for the amusement industry, today announced its new brand identity. The company unveiled its new name, website, and design process.

Established in 2012 as Dalandan Concepts LLC (pronounced “dah-LAHN-DAHN”), Thrill & Create is the first user-centered design company focusing on digital products for primarily the amusement industry. Companies in the amusement industry which have worked with local, national, or global web design firms before now have a new option: a user experience design firm which only works in their industry, is passionate about their industry, and truly seeks to understand their business and their customers.

“Amusement parks, and theme parks in particular, have been masters of guest experience for many years.” said David Parmelee, Owner & User Experience Designer. “In the physical world, every aspect of their interaction with guests is designed. Users are now expecting this more and more in digital products. The Thrill & Create rebrand and the rollout of our formalized user-centered design process position us to help amusement parks and other amusement companies with user-centered design for their digital products.”

Using user-centered design, Thrill & Create produces designs which focus primarily on helping users accomplish their goals using a park or company’s website, microsite, app, or other user interface. The new design process begins with systematic user research and in-depth evaluations of a company’s existing product designs. After presenting a summary of review findings to clients, it proceeds through multiple iterations of ideation, sketches, wireframes, and prototypes before a product is translated into code and launched. Many rounds of testing with users and detailed post-launch analysis helps ensure a successful product launch. The process emphasizes, “It’s not done until it’s usable and it brings value to your business.”

“Rigorous user research and frequent user participation throughout our design process gives our clients a sturdier foundation for their users to market them via word of mouth.” said Parmelee. “Our use of quick iterations—Agile UX—comes from the software industry and applies naturally to design. It permits us to eliminate or mitigate users’ pain points early in the design process. That would ultimately allow our clients to keep customers engaged digitally with their brand, save support costs, and save expensive and substantial development rework.”

Thrill & Create also provides usability and user experience evaluations as separate services to amusement-industry companies seeking feedback on their existing digital products. Offered at several price points, these evaluations combine technical analysis of a digital product’s usability with feedback from real users.

Additionally, Thrill & Create reimagined their main website and moved it to The new website features streamlined porfolio samples which walk readers through their design process on several projects. It also describes the company’s service offerings and aforementioned new user-centered design process in greater detail. Incorporating feedback from hundreds of users, the Thrill & Create website is the most recent result of the company’s user-centered design process.

The new brand identity will be implemented and rolled out across numerous touchpoints, ranging from social media to business cards.

For more information about Thrill & Create LLC, please visit Or contact for a free consultation.

About Thrill & Create LLC

Founded in 2012 as Dalandan Concepts LLC, Thrill & Create LLC offers user experience design solutions for digital products, such as websites and apps, to the amusement industry. Thrill & Create’s service offerings range from new designs and redesigns to usability and accessibility evaluations. Years of previous experience in software testing and development influence Thrill & Create’s design process. You can learn more about Thrill & Create by visiting